Monday, 16 April 2012

Erotic Massage

Luxury Relaxation and Spa Therapy for executives and sport people Escape to Guildford your secret retreat. Oriental Massage Guildford is now the essence behind every full body massage Guildford in our expanded creation, surrender to Swedish massage Guildford deliciously healing Art for those who suffering from shyness and high level of stress Erotic Massage Guildford enhance healing, liberation and confidence conceived and designed to explored tender loving care, this incredible pleasurable Art of Touch and Glow Massage was made popular for its conscious potential state.The Art of Tantric Massage Guildford: Sacred Feminine performs safe hands ceremony exploring with sensual energies empowering the male energy with an incredible experience was made popular for its conscious potential state. ART OF TOUCH AND GLOW MASSAGE” the most talked about stress relieving Sensual Massage Guildford concept our Bespoke Service exceeding even the most demanding of expectations, while contributing to the greatest fulfillment Guildford Adult Massage stand at the Pinnacle for Relaxation commitment to quality, an obsession for perfection in this relentless pursuit for innovation meticulous attention to Personal Luxury a few of our ecstatic Clients have come to experience and appreciate. We offer beauty treatments and spa therapy at our sister company for ladies at La Chamrante Beauty .

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Touch is part of our daily lives, why do we seem to avoid touching. Giving someone you love a hug. Touch is a first aid to heal, body mind and soul. I normally tell my daughter if you want a hug, ask for one. Sometimes I am too busy, but if I can give you a few seconds of loving kind hugs I am happy to do so, maybe I need it more than you. Hugs ae the best mediscine to a happy healthy living. Give a hug, ask for a hug today.

Monday, 26 March 2012

In this modern world of constant improvements we seem to forget about our health, our bodies and our diet. We consume junk food daily due to pressurised work lated stress. I believe the goverment should invest in health bars, selling salads, home made sandwiches, water drinks, fruits plus a 10 min walk a day to the shop will do you a world of good. Excersie does not have to be a sacrifice, getting 10 minutes fresh air will help improve your blood flow, circulation and stimulated your muslces and joints. 10 minutes is not to much time to recharge your batteries. Work places should offer this extra 10 minutes time for healthy living active nation. Remember slow walking is not good, a brisk walk increase your oxygen intake, transporting oxygen to your internal organs through blood stream helping your increase breathing helping your heart. Massage is a great therapy to reduce stress, calming the nervous system, soothing aches and pains and tired muscles. Most important you need to take care. Your body is important love your body and enjoy healthy living.